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MY LIFE as an IPOD head

So i lost my IPOD 2 days ago during the big snow storm and i go to buy another one today and soon as i get home i notice something under the ice the parking lot and it was my ipod and it still work so happy i cried and everything me and that IPOD been through it all.


Great to know.I’ve had many complaints about my PMS

Ketchup and Noodles

A new study was released yesterday (2/26) that found an association (NOT a cause-and-effect relationship, that’s a whole different ball game) between non-heme iron, zinc, and PMS.

  • Non-heme iron is found in plants like beans and leafy greens as opposed to heme iron which is found in meat.
  • Zinc is found in crab, fortified breakfast cereals, lobster, baked beans, yogurt, different types of nuts or seeds, and oatmeal. That’s a lot of different types of foods and apparently one of the best sources is oyster, but who eats a ton of oysters?
  • PMS, aka premenstrual syndrome, is basically why girls get cranky around that time of the month. Symptoms run the gammot from different bodily aches and pains to feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

In a 10 year study looking at about 3000 women (long duration and high numbers of participants=good chance of a valid study and findings) it was…

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Its Just Me

Is bad that i like that abusive rough sex? It turns me on more than anything. Its when i have the most fun. Just thinking about it turns me on.

what to expect

I think today i will give out one of my stories rehashing my sexual adventures. There a must read.

Start of my day

Just woke up really enjoying a day without classes. Time to start my daily masturbation and orgasm is in session. Good Morning everyone i hope your start of the day is as great as mines.


My favorite