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All day

So i know its been awhile but i’ve been writing and watch hella porn. I think i’m hornier than your average individual 


Sharing my story

So i decided to write my book its kind of a true story. Its a true story about my life and the fake events tht never occurred get it.



It takes time to look like the perfect woman

good day

Nice day out i got my fruit so i will be cooling in the sun

The nerve of him

This guy tried to “Mack” me today. He said all the things a girl want to hear but in the end he turned out to be a complete ass. Trying to get some of my sex. Please. I prefer people to upfront about their intention don’t lie to me. I might want the sex just like you but with me the truth will get you way further then a lie.  

wooooooooooooooo tired

The cardio in sex my god.

Food for thought

Women have the most vivid imagination and the things going through our head would surprise the most sexual man so when pleasing us you better come with your A game.