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Food for thought

Women have the most vivid imagination and the things going through our head would surprise the most sexual man so when pleasing us you better come with your A game.


Love & War

So today i was having a conversation with my cousin about our relationships. She tells me she’s tired of her boyfriend because all he want to do is have sex. My response: What???? Are you serious right now? Sex is the most amazing thing ever. Me and Tanzen had sex a few hours ago and i feel so relaxed and stress free how could you be tired of that. Then she goes on to say she don’t know its boring to just have sex all the time. I told her they was doing something wrong, because there is so much to do and experience in sex there’s no way to get bored. You gotta spice it up babe’s. Because an orgasm a day will keep the stress away.

Then she told me that he continuously ask her to give him head but she say no because she don’t do that.  She say he can do her but she want do him. (What she need to do is realize that a relationship is give and take you can’t expect something and not give anything in return.) You could imagine the look on my face. Are you being for real? I love love love love sucking dick. I’m like a dick sucking champ. Sucking my man’s dick gets me off better than it gets him off. She had my mind blown. She’s a real sexual person and i know this but why can’t she shake it up in the sex department. I feel like if there is a problem in a relationship sexually the partner should be able to tell the other partner. Tell him/her how you wanna be fucked, how you want him/her to hold you while your in some tantric sex position or any position. To get better results teach your partner what their not getting. Show  them where your spots are tell them how to get you hot. Tell them how you like.

Or get like me. See i wake my man in the morning sucking his dick its nothing better then morning cum it just has this amazing flavor.  He loves it. Ladies figure out what’s missing and please your man i promise you he will please you back.


Girl Lonely

Crazy, stupid, love

So for a while i had been in this tug-a-war relationship with Eric and a few days a we decides ago to call it quits. So i moved on some may say i move fast but i say the heart wants what the heart wants. 

Loving life

Feeling extremely good. I just had an amazing job interview. Im feeling really confident about it. My baby is here and were doing better then ever what more could i ask for. Good job good man. Living the good life.

Sentiments of our love

So I come home today to a beautiful surprise. As i begin to walk in the house there’s a sign on the door tha says “I’m” open the door i see another on the wall adjacent to the door “trying and….” i see a trail of colored  pieces of paper leading towards the dining room (he knows i hate flowers) i follow them and he’s standing there with the lights dimmed waiting for me with a candle light dinner and he says i know your trying too. My heart melts it was so sweet. He’s back he had to make a store run. 

Love or what

When is enough, enough. How do you know when to walk away and when to stay when your heart is on the line.

Saving my love

Super lonely tonight my guy upset with me because i was to busy to think of “US”. I know i was wrong we have been having some major problems and i have been to mad at him to see that he’s trying. To see that he wants us to be we again. Its a little upsetting laying next to the man you love every night being mad not being able to forgive. The thing that really gets me is he has hurt  way worse i guess im just tired. But i love him. I’m pulling away and he’s letting me. I wanna say this pain is pushing me in the wrong direction. I just need help getting through it. If were both not trying there’s no since in being together. But i refuse to let our love die. I need him to help me through this.