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Sentiments of our love

So I come home today to a beautiful surprise. As i begin to walk in the house there’s a sign on the door tha says “I’m” open the door i see another on the wall adjacent to the door “trying and….” i see a trail of colored  pieces of paper leading towards the dining room (he knows i hate flowers) i follow them and he’s standing there with the lights dimmed waiting for me with a candle light dinner and he says i know your trying too. My heart melts it was so sweet. He’s back he had to make a store run. 


fam thing

So i hate having to always have to be the voice of reason in my family it gives me no time to act out


So i want to know your thoughts on one night stands? Public sex? Sex with friends? Threesomes? and my personal favorite  Oral sex. Can you do it right if you don’t love it? Let’s talk about it.

Would you like more

So today was the first time i shared one of my dreams i think i should share more i write all down anyways why not let yall experience what i have. What do you all think would you like to read more about my sweet sweet dreams. If your wondering what i’m talking about go and read my post titled “An Amazing Feeling”

Best friend Fazion

Today is my best friend, my cousin birthday. We were as thick as thieves but a sense less act took him away from me. Me and stank talked every single day and the one day i miss calling him i never see again. I’ve been trying to figure out our last conversation but i have so many memories of him they over lap. I think all i want to do is remember the last one but i’m thankful that i can remember all of the other one’s. I’m thankful that i was there to be apart of his life and experience what a great person we was while i could. I miss him i try not to be said but everyday i get another memory or i see something i knew he would have liked. Sometimes its unbearable Living with this broken Heart.

The loss and the Gain

As kids we easily make friends and we easily forgive our friends. But as we get older we get wiser and we learn to leave some of those friends behind. Or we just out grow them. As an adult making friends isn’t as easy as i feel it should be, because i want a friend i can trust and trusting people now a days is not best. But if you have that one friend that’s always been there for you, that one friend that is exactly like you don’t let non sense pull y’all apart.