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Saving my love

Super lonely tonight my guy upset with me because i was to busy to think of “US”. I know i was wrong we have been having some major problems and i have been to mad at him to see that he’s trying. To see that he wants us to be we again. Its a little upsetting laying next to the man you love every night being mad not being able to forgive. The thing that really gets me is he has hurt  way worse i guess im just tired. But i love him. I’m pulling away and he’s letting me. I wanna say this pain is pushing me in the wrong direction. I just need help getting through it. If were both not trying there’s no since in being together. But i refuse to let our love die. I need him to help me through this.


Best friend Fazion

Today is my best friend, my cousin birthday. We were as thick as thieves but a sense less act took him away from me. Me and stank talked every single day and the one day i miss calling him i never see again. I’ve been trying to figure out our last conversation but i have so many memories of him they over lap. I think all i want to do is remember the last one but i’m thankful that i can remember all of the other one’s. I’m thankful that i was there to be apart of his life and experience what a great person we was while i could. I miss him i try not to be said but everyday i get another memory or i see something i knew he would have liked. Sometimes its unbearable Living with this broken Heart.