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So i want to know your thoughts on one night stands? Public sex? Sex with friends? Threesomes? and my personal favorite  Oral sex. Can you do it right if you don’t love it? Let’s talk about it.


What girls dream about…

So last night i was thinking about what i’m always thinking about my dream wedding and my dream house. I’m only 22 but i can’t wait to get married. I want a winter wedding it’s tons of snow outside. It will be at a hotel the inside will be decorated lavender and black. As we share our first dance I will be able to look out the window and see the beautiful snow. My dress will be elegant it will be white with one strap, pearl beaded lace with a pattern so beautiful but the pearls will only be around the top trim. Leaving the top half with a soft pattern. The bottom will flare out then drop so that i have a train long as day. It will also have a light purple bow in back with long tails. My shoes will be white 4in pumps crafted just for me. And as we dance to our first song (I got a crush on you by Frank Sinatra) I will feel comfortable about the choices i’ve made and safe because of the man i’m with. In high school we had an art project to draw up blueprints to a how you would want to live in one day. I still have them it the perfect house. Seven bedroom house; the family room is where our children with play and watch movies, the dining room where we will share every meal together. we will have a huge front yard and a huge back yard. We will have a white picked fence and a dog to stand behind it. My life will be everything i ever imaged it to be.


The Dreamer