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The Best Fight Ever

So its pretty cold outside me and Eric got into a fight about moving. we currently reside in Boston we moved there for work, but now Eric wants to move back to Chicago. I’m all for it, i love my city I think Chicago is the best place to live but he has been planning this for months with out discussing it with me. Now he tells me we have to be in Chicago in two weeks. My first thought where are we going to live. He found a place. Oh hell no mister you don’t just decide things like this all on you own we are a team we are a “WE” and you deciding for the both of us was out of the question i was livid. But guess how he decides to tell me, during a back massage he knows what those do to me. I’m livid but weak at the same time. He knows how to clam me down so the massage gets more intense but i feel like we should talk about it so i get up and head to the living room he follows. We come to a compromise that no one really wants then we make up. I’m already undressed from the massage he was giving me so he strips down to his socks. He leads me out to the balcony at first i refuse because its so cold out but how can i refuse this fully erect man. I grab the throw off the couch and wrap myself in it. He grabs it and lay it on the across the long chair. As i’m standing there my nipples have become hardened so he grabs me and began kissing my triple D’s then he begin to suck them. He know’s i love to have them sucked. I’m getting weak in the knees so he lay me down and starts kissing my body getting closer and closer to my pelvis. Then he moves back up teasing me. He starts nibbling and tugging on my nipples i can feel my pussy getting wet. He takes his hand and he begins to play with it and instructing me not to move. As his fingers slide in and out and in and out i moan and moan. He then tells once again don’t move. I feel this pain i try to look but i’m laying on my back i begin to twitch he say again don’t move, it will only hurt at first. He then proceed to stick his entire fist in me at first i was reluctant but then it started to feeling amazing. He push in up to his forearm then out and in again. It was different and i liked it. I didn’t noticed how cold it was anymore neither did he. As he’s fisting me the pressure is building up and so are my screams. He pulls it out and tells me to lick his hand I’d never taste pussy so good. Then he goes down on me and he’s licking and sucking, i’m accepting this pleasure with my whole body. My fingers running through his hair. He must really be apologetic because he has never ate my pussy so good. He stands me up and bend me over the railing. Now the magic happens. He inserts his humongous penis inside my dripping wet vagina. I begin to scream out ” yes daddy, more daddy, ooohhhh, yesssssssss, deeper, harder, yesss own this pussy”. I then see our neighbor look out his balcony door he doesn’t say anything he just watched it turned me on more to have an audience. As Eric  start power driving my pussy he sticks he finger in my asshole to begin stretching it. We then switch positions. He lay down on the chair and i get on top of him riding that dick he grabing my titties and massaging them as my waist rolls back and forward and up and down. All i hear him saying is yes ride this dick and panting,yesss i love how you ride this dick. I’m riding it and i feel it; i’m cumming and i can’t help but to scream it out as i scratch his chest “yes daddy, yes daddy i’m cumming, i’m cumming, the screams get louder. The then puts me in the downward facing dog position. He takes some lube and squirt it on my butt and his dick. And he slowly push his penis in I have nothing to grab onto the pain my god the pain. As he’s forcing it in i’m holding on to the legs on the chair. He has it all the way in now i can breathe easy. He begins fucking me, in and out and in and out he goes. But i want the pain so i scream harder and faster he ask me if i’m sure. Then he starts ramming his dick in my ass it felt so good. He smack my ass cheek and ask who’s pussy is this i reply its your’s daddy. I can’t hear you and smack my as even harder who’s pussy is this, its your’s daddy, smack it again. I start playing with my pussy and its dripping wet. I have my 9 inch wide dildo in my hand and as he fucking my ass i’m fucking my pussy it was amazing he then start to pull on my hair intensifying the moment. At this point i have climaxed at least four times. So after his huge dick finish destroying my ass he move back to my pussy. The feeling was wonderful all i could think is, we have to fight more often. He fucking me and smacking my titts it amazes me the ways he pleasure me. And i’m squirting everywhere and he ask me yes ask me if i could finish him off. He never asks usually he puts it in my face and expects me to. I felt so special. So i have him up against the balcony rail and i’m sucking the shit out of his dick i have no gag reflex so the whole thing fits in my mouth. I can see him griping the rail as he’s about to cum. I’m sucking his shit. i’m like a vacuum when it comes to dick he grabs my hair and my head stops. He cums and fills my mouth its so much it starts dripping on my titts. Its just so much i swallow it and try to suck more out. He helps me up off my knees and we head back into the house as we’re walking in he slaps my ass and told me to be ready for round two and i demand that he makes me  dinner ass naked and he gives me a kiss and does just that.

This is our story last year around this time when we briefly lived in Boston i hope you enjoy because me and Eric have a lot more.

My best,

Girl Lonely


So i want to know your thoughts on one night stands? Public sex? Sex with friends? Threesomes? and my personal favorite  Oral sex. Can you do it right if you don’t love it? Let’s talk about it.

The art of knowing but NOT

So every since that dream i have been horny all day. I had classes today from 8am til 3pm so i had no down time. So when i got home no one was there so i watched a little porn read some blogs and i came across Laci Green. Now i have been sexually active for a long time and i know i don’t know everything about sex but i watched a few of her video blogs and i realized i know nothing about sex. So when i finished watching her i went back to my porn at first just watching it was doing me some good. But what i had just learned was on my mind i wanted to try it out. She was talking about extremely sensitive areas of the body. She said if you take your finger and rub it around the outside area of your anus its an extremely sensitive sensation its not i did not find that to be true. Then she was speaking on how sensitive the clitoris is. Now i masturbate of course who don’t now i knew there was a sensitive part down there but i didn’t know that it was my Clit being so amazing, yes i know its there i just didn’t know it was causing me so much pleasure. So i got my vibrator i was already wet from watching the porn my labia already plump and ready for me so i take the vibrator and i place it on my clitoris and as i rub my finger in and out of my slippery wet vagina cum leaking everywhere and the sensation of my fingers plus the vibrator is beyond amazing. i felt this feeling in my stomach and my back, my legs stretched out and my toes literally curled my toes have never curled like that. It was as good as the sex in my dream may be because its a dream but its damn close i felt the pleasure of it in my face its like my body did something real life changing. It makes me think i really never knew anything about sex i have been approaching it all wrong. I have not been being pleasured until tonight my, release was amazing it was more than anything i have ever experienced and i did it all by myself.   I can’t wait to feel it again but with my man. I want sex to be more than amazing more than my wet dream sex and more then my own self masturbation. When he gets in he has a lot to live up to.