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Sharing my story

So i decided to write my book its kind of a true story. Its a true story about my life and the fake events tht never occurred get it.


Food for thought

Women have the most vivid imagination and the things going through our head would surprise the most sexual man so when pleasing us you better come with your A game.


Today on this lovely day i sit tired unable to sleep but wide awake unable to think. But i guess that’s not so bad giving the significance of today. But i have been doing well on this side of life. Relationship is going well the sex is good not amazing but good. So i’ll survive.

Late night reading

So last night while typing a paper i was listening to Kisses Down low by Kelly Rowland it that song put me in such a mood. It was like all of a sudden the paper didn’t matter. So since i no longer have a living companion i had to take matters into my own hands… 

Crazy, stupid, love

So for a while i had been in this tug-a-war relationship with Eric and a few days a we decides ago to call it quits. So i moved on some may say i move fast but i say the heart wants what the heart wants. 

Loving life

Feeling extremely good. I just had an amazing job interview. Im feeling really confident about it. My baby is here and were doing better then ever what more could i ask for. Good job good man. Living the good life.

Sentiments of our love

So I come home today to a beautiful surprise. As i begin to walk in the house there’s a sign on the door tha says “I’m” open the door i see another on the wall adjacent to the door “trying and….” i see a trail of colored  pieces of paper leading towards the dining room (he knows i hate flowers) i follow them and he’s standing there with the lights dimmed waiting for me with a candle light dinner and he says i know your trying too. My heart melts it was so sweet. He’s back he had to make a store run.